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From São Paulo
•Take Rodovia Bandeirante (SP-348).
•Drive towards Campinas - distance of 98 Km.
•In Campinas there will be a fork that divides expressways Bandeirantes and Anhanguera. Take your right into Anhanguera.
•From Anhanguera exit to D. Pedro I.
•After approximately 8 Km, after you drive under a large bridge, exit to your right and follow directions to Rodovia Adhemar de Barros (SP-340), heading Mogi Mirim and Mogi Guaçú.

It is about 150 Km (2 hours driving) to Mococa - take exit 272 from the highway to enter the town.

From Mococa
•When you exit the highway you will pass several (5) roundabouts. Go straight through.
•On the 5th roundabout, the one with a statue of Nossa Sra. Aparecida, take a right, there will be a sign to V. Carvalho and Centro (Downtown) pointing this way.
•Drive about 800 meters until the end of the avenue when you get to a square to your right. There you will find another sign showing directions to Centro (Downtown) straight and V. Carvalho to your right. Take your right to V. Carvalho. The road will go down to a traffic light. Keep going straight pass the traffic light continue on for another 300 meters or so.
•At the end of the street another fork with a sign showing directions to V. Carvalho and S. J do Rio Pardo to your right and Igarai straight ahead. Go straight ahead.
•Drive until you reach another square at the end of the street.
•Follow the square to the left and then bear to the right.
•At the end of the square take a right.
•Drive for approximately 800 meters and you will be on the exit that will take you to Igarai, you will pass a large ceramic roof tile factory on your right as you leave Mococa. The distance to Igaraí is 23.6 KM. Drive slowly, there may be potholes!

From Igaraí
•When you enter the village of Igaraí take your left towards Tapiratiba, Guaxupe.
•Take your first right leading up the hill.
•Climb the street and reach the square and the church on Rua Saudade (Saudade Street).
•Bear to your right keeping the Church on your left and you will see a soccer field to your left (behind a high wall). Keep going straight.
•The asphalt street ends to a dust road. Go into the dirt road.
•After approximately 300 meters take your right on the fork into the small road.
•You will be driving around a cemetery and the entrance to the farm will be about 100 meters ahead.
• Follow directions to the "Sede"(Main House).

Telephone: (019) 3695-4500

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